Catherine Gregory


Marc Johns

Wedding Party

Aaron Berkowitz


Catherine's brother-in-law (and hopefully, one day, business partner)

Petey Pocket

Ring Bearer

Catherine and Marc's 1st child. Unfortunately Petey won't make it to Savannah but will be there in spirit.

Claire Gregory

Maid of Honor

Catherine's older, younger-looking sister.

Danielle Reed Cuff


Catherine's BFF since 5th grade (although they met in Kindergarten).

Ashley Bliss Lima


Catherine's BFF since 7th grade science class and future US President.

Sarah Peck


Catherine's power-walking BFF and 1st domestic partner (of 6 years).

Carina Webster


Catherine's younger, wiser, soon-to-be sister-in-law and weekend bingo partner.

Conor Morris


Marc's college roommate and Southeast Asian travel partner who once broke into a Buddhist Temple to access a cooler of beer - ask him about it at the wedding. Yes, those sandals and cargo shorts are unforgivable - it was 2004!

Nick Schrunk


Marc's former Red Bull colleague and motorcycling accomplice. Once spent months traversing the Ho Chi Minh trail but can also bench press alot - ask him about it at the wedding.

Justin Seymour


Marc's friend and bandmate since he first walked through Marc's backyard with his rat tail flailing in the wind somewhere around 1994. Once mooned his prom date's mom and can tell you what a goldfish tastes like (not the cracker kind) - ask him about it at the wedding.

Thomas Hinton


Tom shares Marc's passion for drinking watery beer in dive bars while listening to 1970s country music. He has had his dearly departed Honda Civic stolen no less than three separate times and owns several Ronnie Coleman DVDs - ask him about it at the wedding.

Seth Knapp


Seth is Marc's oldest friend. I mean literally. I think he's at least 30 years older than Marc. He will beat you in any video game - ask him about it at the wedding.

Lorne James


Marc met Lorne while visiting Tom at the Marine base at Camp Pendleton and they instantly bonded. He once attempted to hurdle over a moving taxi cab. He also attempted to hurdle over a 7' volleyball net. No, this was not in the same night - ask him about it at the wedding.
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